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Have you gone into a Nail Salon, and thought about the color you were going to wear then or before you go? If you are like me, I go for the colors that I don’t have at home. My skin is very pale in color. I love how the bright colors look on me. I go for the bright colors that I don’t have at home.

I have a lot nail colors. I have about 40 of them. My friends and family buy them for me as  gifts and just they know I really like them.

The last time I went to the place that I go when I was in Walnut creek CA. This is the place I have been going  to when I lived in Walnut Creek. The people usually  take care of me  weren’t there. But I still got my nails done.

I had a new person take care of me. At the time I was wearing Sun Shine Yellow color. Just on my toes. Not my hands. I just wanted my feet to get done. It took a long time for the yellow to come off. They had to use a lot of nail polish remover. Some of the yellow nail polish got on one of the white towels,  and on the chair.  The Owner was not happy. For the whole time that I got my nails done she would talk to the person who worked on my nail in her language not English so I won’t hear. The person who worked on my nails rushed and hurt one of my toes. It’s a long time for the polish to come off all the way. I got the strong colors that last. My favorite brand for my nails is Sally Hanson. The company has bright colors that I like. They last a long time even when you don’t use a top or bottom coat. I like to change my nails color a lot. Some time I change the color about twice a week.

Well the color I got from the nail salon looks to be like Smurf Blue. I don’t have this color at home. I hope that it would last a long time. I was wrong. It lasted four days before coming off. My nails looked good  in the nail salon. But when I took a close look one foot looked different and the shapes of the nails. I don’t always wear a top and bottom coat. Sally Hanson nail polish lasted longer than the nail polish from the salon. The nail salon used top and bottom coat. I paid a lot of money for a shit job. Won’t be going back there. Why is it hard to fine a good place for nails? I don’t mind spending money on good work. I tip big too.

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