My Top 20 Brain Foods

I have heard you talk a lot about the importance of experience in brain development but as a certified nutrition I think it is important to talk about food too.

Why is Brain Food good for you?

We know that the foods we eat affect the body.

But they may have even more of an influence on how the brain works—it’s general tone and level of energy and how it handles its tasks. Mood, motivation and mental performance are powerfully influenced by diet.
The brain is an extremely metabolically active organ, making it a very hungry one, and a picky eater at that. It’s becoming pretty clear in research labs around the country that the right food, or the natural neurochemicals that they contain, can enhance mental capabilities—help you concentrate, tune sensorimotor skills, keep you motivated, magnify memory, speed reaction times, defuse stress, perhaps even prevent brain aging.

According to the most current research, a brain-healthy diet is one that reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, encourages good blood flow to the brain, and is low in fat and cholesterol. Like the heart, the brain needs the right balance of nutrients, including protein and sugar, to function well. A brain-healthy diet is most effective when combined with physical and mental activity and social interaction.

But Add these ‘super foods’ to your daily diet, and you will increase your odds of maintaining a healthy brain for the rest of your life.
My Top 20 Brain Foods.
1. Beans
2. olives
3. Yogurt
4. Whole Wheat
5. Oranges (Note Must Be Organic)
6. Broccoli
7. Almonds-Walnuts
8. Apple (Note Must Be Organic)
9. Avocados (Note Best in Antioxidant)
10. Bananas
11. Berries (Note Must Be Organic and Best in Antioxidant)
12. Carrots
13. Tomatoes
14.Spinach (Note Must Be Organic and Best in Antioxidant)
15. Tuna
16. Red Bell Pepper (Note Must Be Organic and Best in Antioxidant)
17. Asparagus
18. Oats
19. Peas
20. Plums (Note Must Be Organic and Best in Antioxidant)
I forgot chocolate now it is list as one of the best brain foods.


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Kate is the founder of Learn and Grow Books, which is a website for parents and teachers of pre-K children.

Nail Salon

Have you gone into a Nail Salon, and thought about the color you were going to wear then or before you go? If you are like me, I go for the colors that I don’t have at home. My skin is very pale in color. I love how the bright colors look on me. I go for the bright colors that I don’t have at home.

I have a lot nail colors. I have about 40 of them. My friends and family buy them for me as  gifts and just they know I really like them.

The last time I went to the place that I go when I was in Walnut creek CA. This is the place I have been going  to when I lived in Walnut Creek. The people usually  take care of me  weren’t there. But I still got my nails done.

I had a new person take care of me. At the time I was wearing Sun Shine Yellow color. Just on my toes. Not my hands. I just wanted my feet to get done. It took a long time for the yellow to come off. They had to use a lot of nail polish remover. Some of the yellow nail polish got on one of the white towels,  and on the chair.  The Owner was not happy. For the whole time that I got my nails done she would talk to the person who worked on my nail in her language not English so I won’t hear. The person who worked on my nails rushed and hurt one of my toes. It’s a long time for the polish to come off all the way. I got the strong colors that last. My favorite brand for my nails is Sally Hanson. The company has bright colors that I like. They last a long time even when you don’t use a top or bottom coat. I like to change my nails color a lot. Some time I change the color about twice a week.

Well the color I got from the nail salon looks to be like Smurf Blue. I don’t have this color at home. I hope that it would last a long time. I was wrong. It lasted four days before coming off. My nails looked good  in the nail salon. But when I took a close look one foot looked different and the shapes of the nails. I don’t always wear a top and bottom coat. Sally Hanson nail polish lasted longer than the nail polish from the salon. The nail salon used top and bottom coat. I paid a lot of money for a shit job. Won’t be going back there. Why is it hard to fine a good place for nails? I don’t mind spending money on good work. I tip big too.

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Kate is the founder of Learn and Grow Books, which is a website for parents and teachers of pre-K children.

Are you ready for a dog?

Are you ready for a dog?
I would said in time I will be ready for a dog. I need to move into a bigger place than what I live in now. I have to wait to get a new dog. I want one that will fit into my new life. I still what a Rat Terrier.  I was going to get another girl one and she will be smaller than my Lucky baby. What I know about Rat Terriers is that it needs a lot of exercise, and training.

Here is some information that will help on choosing a dog.

A dog will do his best to please you and keep you smiling. He will curl up with you when you are feeling down or need some serious relaxation. He won’t hold your mistakes against you or prejudge you for your looks, faults or lack of know-how. He’ll be your unconditional friend and will play ball with you as long as you wish. He’ll forgive you for all your mistakes, never holding them against you later. Sleeping at your feet and loving to please you, he will enjoy just spending time with you. He’ll do his best to protect you, because you will be his master.

However, a dog also relies on you for everything—from his food, water, shelter, leadership, exercise, grooming, to his training, veterinary care, companionship and protection.

Know what you are getting into.
Are you prepared to spend the next 10-15 years of your life taking care of your dog? That is about how long your dog will live. Can you afford the added expense of a dog? When you get a dog, it is a life-long commitment, and should not be treated like a piece of furniture that you can just “get rid of” when you get tired of it. After all, this dog will be part of your family. Would you get rid of your children because you were tired of them wetting their beds? Are you prepared to accept the fact that dogs are not little humans and invest some time into learning how to properly treat your dog in order to keep him or her balanced?
Before you bring a dog into your home think long and hard. Are you prepared for the responsibility? Do you understand natural dog behavior? Do you understand what makes a dog tick and what it institutionally needs as a canine animal? Are you willing to invest the time it takes? A dog’s temperament is a direct result of the owner’s ability to understand him and give him what he institutionally needs as a canine animal.

The decision to get a dog needs to be carefully thought out.
Do you honestly have the time to take care of a dog? Are you prepared to walk it every day? Are you prepared to show the dog consistent leadership, putting your emotions aside and seeing it as a canine? Are you prepared to train it? What kind of dog should you get? Some people think a dog is a dog. I hear them say they don’t care what breed of dog they get. There are many different breeds with many different needs. Honestly think about it and do your homework. Think about your family as it is right now, and how it will be in the future.

Every family has its own needs, schedule, personality, medical problems, space and time limitations. If you take a good hard look at your family’s situation, you can match a dog that will fit into your lives nicely and not just make things more awkward and difficult.

Is anyone in your family allergic to dog hair? Are you bothered by hair on everything from your clothes to your toast? Some breeds are heavy shredders, while others hardly shed at all. Do you have children? Are you going to have children in the next 10-15 years? Do you have friends who visit your home who have children? Are you prepared to learn how to teach your child how to display leadership toward the dog? Do you mind holes being dug in your yard? Some dogs like to dig if they hear something moving underground, while others are less likely to dig.

Do you mind if your dog has a tendency to wander away from home, or would you rather have a dog that would be more likely to stick close to home? Some hunting breeds will roam if they catch a scent of another animal; it is in their nature, while others have a strong instinct to stick close to home.

All dogs, regardless of breed, size or energy level need to be taken on a daily pack walk.

Within each and every litter there are pups born with different energy and dominance levels. You need to choose a dog whose energy level matches or is lower than your own. If your family is not very active, do not choose a pup with a higher energy level. If you are a laid-back family, do not choose a pup with a higher dominance level. The degree of exercise varies. Some dogs need daily vigorous exercise and you would need to take it out every day for a run and a nice long walk, while others will get enough exercise with a shorter walk and by running around the inside of your house. Some dogs need a job to do or they will become restless, bored, very destructive and unruly. Other dogs will settle for just a short walk. Some can be highly obedience-trained, while others cannot.

Get the point? All dogs are different, and all families are different.

Find a dog that fits well into your family, so you and your dog can live in harmony.

While it is important to choose the correct breed for your family’s lifestyle, it is even more important to understand a dog is a canine, not a human, and treat him accordingly.
For a clear understanding into a dog’s brain check out Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). You will find that any dog can be your worst nightmare or your best investment; it all depends on the owner and their understanding of the canine and their willingness to give the dog what he truly needs. Cesar is an excellent guide to communicating with, understanding, and controlling your dog.

It’s your choice. Do your homework.
Research the different kinds of breeds and take a long, hard look at your life and don’t forget, that cute little puppy does grow up to be an adult dog. Never adopt a puppy, or adult dog, solely on looks. If you are looking to adopt a dog, don’t forget to visit our Rescue section. There are many great rescue groups and organizations listed who have wonderful homeless dogs just waiting for someone like you to take them home and love them. If you are looking to adopting a rescue dog please read Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog.

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Kate is the founder of Learn and Grow Books, which is a website for parents and teachers of pre-K children.